Construction Management

  • Construction management is an accurate and positive way of checking the quality, accuracy, and progress of a construction project.

  • Our specialists teams will oversee all aspects of construction identified by your due diligence phase and provide reports, updates and advice to give you complete project control.

We work with your project partners to:


  • Define the project’s main tasks and milestones necessary to complete its successful implementation without delays and cost overruns.

  • Investigate the likely risks associated with the project implementation schedule.

  • Identify key completion milestones and necessary changes resulting from our risk assessment.

  • Review and assess the course of implementation, the status of the main tasks and any budgetary and other issues that could affect completion according to agreed timing and budget.

  • Discuss and recommend remediation and improvement measures to avoid project delays.

  • As an independent consultant we provide invaluable assistance to your project by assuring that there is no conflict of interest with involved Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management partners, suppliers or your projects’ financiers.